Lcf-ltd officially launched its Kiwoko branch in pomp to the pleasure of many revelers and the locals yesterday.. The event was graced by a number of dignitaries such as reknown businessman Godfrey Kirumira, Bishop Evans Mukasa Kiseka, Prof. Simeon Kayiwa, Mr Timothy Katabalwa, the mayor, church leaders,other community leaders and the general public.

The guest of honor prof.Simeon Kayiwa thanked management for establishing a competitive brand on the Ugandan financial landscape.The launch came on the heels of a CSR project where Lcf-ltd painted kiwoko hospital dispensary, offered 2 wheel chair bicycles to the HIV Unit,offered gift hampers to over 20 children with HIV, and donated 1 Million shillings to aide in the activities of the HIV unit.

Reknown businessman Godfrey Kirumira commended the locals for showing commitment to the LCF-ltd brand. He also thanked management for coming up with quick and flexible finance solutions to help improve the livelihoods of the people.

The company CEO was grateful to the guests for honoring the invitation for the launch of the new branch. He thanked the local people for embracing LCF-ltd in their communities. He assured the general public of continued delivery of quick and flexible services to help transform the lives of the people in their communities.He described the launch as the new dawn on which many branches would be opened

The event was filled with fun,food and entertainment starting with the bicycle race, the band and entertainment from the local artists.

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